David Robinson
David Robinson

Sound Clips

During the reocrdings with Sound Engineer José Luis Rodríguez in his studio (Producciones Hit.)

Recordings for an Opera CD


Check out some of the recent tracks recorded with one of Mexico's best Sound Enginners, José Luis Rodríguez (Producciones Hit.) It was wonderful working with José Luis and we look forward to recording other tracks to be recorded during 2014.


Without a Song - Vincent Youmans Lyrics Billy Rose & Edward Eliscu
First rehearsal with pianist Larry Lofquist. Dec/2012
Without a Song _ Take 3.mp3
MP3-Audiodatei [2.9 MB]


Voices of Iberoamerica - Concert

Schloss St. Martin. Graz, Austria

David Robinson - Singer

Elena Biedma - Piano

Mónica Delgadillo - Dancer 


 Julia Schwaiger - Exhibit Curator



In collaboration with the Mexican Embassy in Austria and the National Association of World Heritage Cities





Interview with "Whatchado" 


An organization supporting the youth so they can make an informed decision about the right profession for them.




David Robinson
1160 Vienna


Telefon: +43 680.205.9245





New Homepage online
Welcome to our new website. 





"Dance Project: Amanecer" in Mexico (2012-2015)

Cooperation between the National Institute of Fine Arts (INBA), the Secretary of Culture and the Center for the Arts in San Luis Potosí. Dance Artists and choreographers Tamara McLorg and Mónica Delgadillo will create a choreography with 40 children who live in San Luis Potosí, Mexico in a Reintegration Center/orphanage in their first "Community Dance" project in Mexico.

Interview with Tamara McLorg & Mónica Delgadillo.

"You can change your life in a dance class." Royston Maldoom. Rhythm is it!


Upcoming projects in "Community Dance" in Tijuana (May) and Monterrey (August/September 2014.) A cooperation with the British Council in Mexico City.

with Tamara McLorg, Mónica Delgadillo, Christopher Benstead, Jaime Iván Flores Fiscal & Conor O'Cane (aka Doke)


(Project Management/International Liaison)




"The Bohemians" 

Film- José Luis Cortés - Director. (2016)

Producers: Alvaro Domingo, Adam Margulies, Matthias Schmitt

Puccini's "La Bohème" filmed in Williamsburg (Brooklyn), Manhattan and Westchester. 

Role Al P. Benoit (Singer/Actor) Movie Premiere 2016.

check out the website: www.thebohemiansmovie.com





Maribor - European City of Culture (2012/2013)

A concert in the National Theater in Maribor.

In cooperation with the Mexican Embassy in Vienna.

Maribor, European Culture City 2012. 





New Music & Compositions (2014-16)

New & Old songs arranged or composed by various composers from around the globe. These compositions will be performed in various concerts and music festivals. 

A CD with some of these songs are being recorded and will released during 2014-15 season.






Private Voice Lessons & Workshops

On-going voice lessons in a private studio in Vienna, Austria. 

For more information please feel free to contact us. 




Project Management & Cultural Initiatives

A graduate in Business specializing in arts administration projects. He has developed and collaborated with numerous arts organizations in Mexico, United States and Austria.  For detailed information please feel free to contact us. 


After finishing the Master in Arts Management  with the Spanish University, Universidad de Alcalá de Henares, I'm looking forward to continue supporting cultural initiatives, Cultural Exchange, Artistic & Arts Education projects. 



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